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Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona 2021 – What is going on?

Pre pandemic there were roughly 400 cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Due to the lockdown all weed clubs in Barcelona had to close voluntarily, many went out of business, some like “Haze Brothers” switched to CBD stores. Today – November 2021 – there are fewer than 50 cannabis clubs open, and now due to the superior courts new decision to overturn laws passed by the Catalonian government. New laws and regulations for the cannabis Associations are in the voting process and will soon be passed. The entire future of cannabis social clubs in up in the air and very uncertain, who knows, maybe they will ban the whole system, we think and hope not, as we will fight to the end for our rights as consumers and will be forced to buy and consume on the streets, after all we are not going to stop consuming. We have been fighting for over 2 decades and we will not stop! Ok, so let´s calm down and get into this… what is going on in Barcelona? What cannabis clubs are left open right now, which one is the best, and how to access them… the new way –

cannabis clubs in barcelona

What is going on in Barcelona?

It´s very different now! Due to the pandemic it has given little room for anybody to do anything, giving police a chance… to clean up the streets of street promoters and other hustlers like lookie lookie men and beer sellers, pick-pockets etc.. Once a month we are in Barcelona… since we started to come back regularly, everything has changed. You used to see many africans, some eastern europeans, a few Italians, the odd english, and more every 30 seconds “inviting” you to a cannabis club nearby, I mean like 100 street promoters all around the centre of Barcelona. Now there is less than 10. We went with a couple of them to see… Wow, we see where the black community went, they opened their own illegal shady clubs, both clubs we went to were so dodgy, dirty, all 6 selections of herb were very bad quality and all 15€ a gram, one of the clubs had an upstairs bit, the people occupying it left almost as soon as we entered the club, so upstairs bit empty we went up… to find 3 pipes with ash on top, to smoke the coke and drink the fanta, brown sugar or white.. if you know you know, we knew and left immediately with the staff (nice people still, I´m African myself) I spoke to him in Spanish and said with a cheeky smile and an Indian head bob”yes my friend, everything good don´t worry” He knew I was not a regular person. So the picture unfolded after we went to a couple of REAL shady clubs, many people have turned to the dark, shady side of Barcelona, with not much choice we see why.

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Which Cannabis Clubs are still Open?

Well.. not many, and the one´s that are open are being very careful at this moment in time, the future awaits, we will know more in the month or 2 and will keep you updated. They are being so careful they have asked us not to mention their names or even give the location, we were asked last month to remove anything to do with her, quality, contribution prices, anything to with herb and the cannabis clubs is forbidden to be public… so is very difficult for everyone now. All we ask is for you to have a little faith in us and believe that our service is as you see, what you see is what you get, we keep it simple and the cannabis clubs we refer you to are truely the best, reputable clubs that have their books open to new members, each club has a maximum amount of active members it can have on it´s books, when clubs reach this limit they have to close their books and wait for memberships to expire before accepting new members… normally a few months. So as to not waste any more of your time we have the 3 best cannabis clubs on our website… at the moment we only refer you to 4 – err yes lke we said, it´s difficult right now… so we are going list the best 3 (out of 4 at the moment lol) but here we are going to tell you why we think they are the best, best for who?

In 3rd place:

To be continued tomorrow

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