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We look for the Best Weed in Barcelona. Our team  is here to guide and connect you to only the best, reputable cannabis clubs in Barcelona. We are independent and we have an unbiased opinion, we’ll invite you as resident members and frequent visitors of over 100 weed clubs in Barcelona to enjoy only the best, quality produce in a comfortable and safe environment. Mainly we are here to help you to avoid the expensive “tourist traps” there are many in Barca. It is not wise to trust street promoters as some clubs don’t have a license or just bad quality herb.

If you need more information on how it works in Spain then please take a look through our Blogs page, the first article you will see explains the Cannabis legalities in Barcelona. Or choose a club and book yourself in and enjoy. Glad to have you with us… enjoy.

Best 3 Weed Clubs in Barcelona

Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Fun vibrant and classy weed club in the center of Barcelona, nothing but good quality and a great social environment here.

Close to Plaza de España is this amazing stylish and modern club where the ambiance is perfect. Definitely the best in Sants.

Popular club with a very good reputation, open over 4 years now, 2 mins from the beach, chilled environment, excellent quality.

Best 3 Weed Clubs in Tenerife

Best Cannabis Clubs Tenerife

With a nice,friendly environment coupled with the best quality and selection of weed, makes this the best in Los Cris´

Stylish and vibrant. Unchanged for over 1 year- The best Cannabis Club in Playa de Las Americas. The ultimate chill spot.

Classy and stylish, nothing but quality and a great social environment here. Magic place, we call this home.

Best 3 Weed Clubs in Ibiza

Best Cannabis Clubs in Ibiza

The best in Portmany, nice environment and real quality with low contributions. Reserve your invitation.

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Not accepting new members at the moment.
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